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Becoming a Mentor

Who Are We

Your involvement

As a Mentor, your role is above all to be a resource person from the program, likely to be contacted by the organizers of the program to participate in networking activities and/or by the Mentees to provide them with information or specific assistance for the establishment of their professional project or their career strategy.  

As a Mentor, through your own personal and professional journey, you are therefore one of the first sources of information allowing these young researchers to discover the many possibilities of career orientation after a doctoral thesis, and thus to broaden their professional horizons while stimulating their professional network. 

The particularity of the Team Mentoring (T'M) program is that it does NOT MATCH Mentees and Mentors. T'M encourages Mentees to be proactive in making contact with resource people.  

No minimum commitment time is required from the Mentor. You are free to specify how much time you are able to give to the Mentee(s).  

You are also free to refuse the solicitation(s) of the organizers to participate in one or another activity of the programme.



  • You are invited to participate in networking events allowing you to meet all the Mentees;  

  • You are invited to participate in specific activities of the programme (e.g. round tables) in order to discuss your sector of activity;  

  • Your profile and contact details will be provided to the Mentees who will then be able to contact you in B2B to discuss more specifically your personal background, your experience, and obtain advice;  

  • You can provide specific advice and help to Mentees on highlighting skills in a CV, on how to recruited in a sector, or even by offering to visit your company/organisation/lab.  

Your profile

The T'M programme offers junior researchers the opportunity to explore different career paths.

T'M therefore recruits people with experience in the academic world as well as in all other professional sectors, both commercial and non-commercial.  

Mentor OUT

  • You have a PhD OR a Master's degree;

  • You have a minimum of 2 years professional experience outside the academic world for PhD holders, 4 years for Master's degree holders.


Mentor IN

  • You have a permanent position in a university (in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, in Belgium or elsewhere);

  • You are a professor, FNRS permanent staff member, chairholder, etc; 

  • You have a good knowledge of the current requirements of a research career;

  • You have already completed one or two postdoctoral fellowships.


A Mentor IN can also act as Mentor OUT if its.her professional activities straddle the two types of career (e.g. architects, physiotherapists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc.). 

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