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A tailor-made mentoring programme to activate the careers of future PhD graduates

Specifically designed for future PhD holders, T'M, meaning Team Mentorship, aims to support junior researchers (First Stage Researcher (R1)) from all fields of scientific research in the development and refinement of their professional career plans, both within and outside the academic framework, in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

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A Mentee is a PhD student who is in the middle or at the end of his/her doctoral thesis, or who has recently obtained the title of doctor (+2 years max.), and who wishes to develop his/her professional career in the university scientific world (academic) and/or outside it, in contact and with the support of Mentors who advise and accompany him/her. 

Being a Mentee as a young researcher means :


  • Taking the time to have a complete professional assessment carried out at a key moment in your career;

  • Giving yourself every chance of finding a career path that meets your expectations and skills at the end of your PhD;

  • Position yourself as a potential recruit or additional resource for any academic or non-academic mentor who wishes to expand his or her team in his or her research centre or company.


A Mentor is either a named scientist or an academic or a professional from the non-academic sector.

Being a Men
tor means :


  • Being on a list of resource persons that Mentees can call upon for advice and information in relation to their career plans;

  • Sharing personal work experience;

  • Sharing one's knowledge of a specific sector of activity;

  • Facilitate contacts with other professionals;

  • Participate in occasional networking activities to exchange with the Mentees;

The Mentor helps to support the Mentees in the development of their professional project and in the implementation of their career strategy.


Joséphine Aikitanyi,
PhD en Sciences de la Santé publique

" As a 3rd year PhD on Public Health Sciences, I was interested in meeting other PhD students and learning from their experiences. I was also motivated by the thought of meeting key players within and outside of academia. 
The most interesting aspect was meeting and interacting with the mentors.
I had a very good relationship with my mentors, because they were able to give me the information that I needed.
It was a very great experience to participate in the TM programme !! "

Charly Robert,
PhD en biochimie

"En dernière année de doctorat en Chimie, je voulais découvrir les possibilités de travail avec un diplôme de doctorat.

En participant au programme, j'ai appris à aller de l'avant et ne pas avoir peur de contacter des personnes qui pourraient m'aider. Les aspects les plus intéressants ont été les networkings et les sessions d'information et renseignements sur les sites et organismes qui publient des offres d'emploi. 

S'inscrire au programme en dernière année du doctorat permet d'aller de l'avant, de se créer un réseau et de se lancer dans la recherche d'un emploi."

Claudia Garcia Jimenez,
PhD Student en Sciences psychologiques et de l'éducation

" J'en profite pour vous remercier vous et votre équipe pour l'organisation de ce programme, cela m'a fait beaucoup de bien de prendre le temps de réfléchir à mon avenir professionnel ! Et après cette année de remise en question, j'ai enfin une vision plus claire de l'après-thèse.




" I was intrested by the community and value of the training programme, and wanted to better communicate my views in an interview or any situation.

I learned to organize my content and practice and got better at expressing myself and to be more at ease with contacting people. 
The most interesting aspects were the communication training and the networking events which were a real added value.

Remember: keep an open mind when searching for a job "

Luca Narducci, PhD Student en Chimie

" As a 1st year PhD on Chemistry, I wanted to have more insights related to the different professional possibilities that a PhD student has at the end of the doctorate and to understand which of these possibilities was more suited for me.

I finally gave a shape to my next professional goals.

Don't hesitate to think about the next step: an introspection during the first couple of years of the PhD could save you a lot of time (and frustration). 
This programme can seriously
change your life ! "



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